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We are leading service for Aloe Vera products in the UK.
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Aloe Vera Gel


Looks a lot bigger in photos than in reality, however it’s easy to store and maintain!

I personally use them on a daily basis for better digestion & skin, it is also very alkaline, increasing my overall energy!

Overall good product!! EXCITED!

- Alex M

Forever ARGI+®

There are some amazing effects to be had from taking Argi+. Runners often find that it takes minutes off their personal best time, and that consuming it after exercise means a faster recovery. People with chronic pain and fatigue have also found it to reduce their symptoms, allowing them to engage in more exercise.

Many professional athletes have also praised it for its ability to help them perform better and longer, especially with running, cycling and football. Some claim it prevents their legs aching the next day, and also use it before bed to keep their blood dilated during sleep. There’s even a Facebook group celebrating the effects of Argi+ on sports!

If fitness and sustained muscle strength are something you are after, Argi+ sachets will help you to achieve your goals.

- Rebecca Rush , London

Clean 9

Clean 9 works so well because it isn’t a diet but a cleanse – combined with a positive approach to a healthy life, there are many potential outcomes. At the end of the nine days, it’s common to have lost around 4kg or 8.8lbs, although some lose quite a bit more. The difference for some is more apparent in clothes sizes, which is why it’s such a popular option in the run up to a wedding.

Although the more exercise you do while on the cleanse the better, even users with severe disabilities which prevent them from doing much physical activity have found that they feel more energetic and able to do the small amounts necessary.

So many people have benefited from the Clean 9 cleanse, whether it’s as a boost to energy levels, for healthier skin and nails, or to aid in the beginning of a weight loss endeavour. How could you benefit?

- Adam Grey

F.I.T. 1 Pack

It’s common to lose about 4kg of weight while on the Clean 9 diet – the FIT 1 pack helps to continue the trend for a further thirty days. You can lose weight further, or if you don’t have the weight to lose it may help to increase muscle; this will appear as if you are gaining weight, but as it’s in muscles you may still go down in clothes sizes.

As with any weight loss programme, different people will be affected in different ways. Some people lose as much as five inches around their waist; others have found it helps to slim their face down better than any other diet.

You’ll also still be within the sixty day money back guarantee, so there’s no harm trying for a healthier and more active lifestyle!

- Stephen Henesy